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Marketing Fails When You Don't Know Your Customer.

Download our FREE Avatar Worksheet & take the first step towards more effective marketing.

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Want to Figure Out the Carbon Footprint of Your Email Marketing Strategy?

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Helping Brands Grow into a Force For Nature

There is a real Carbon Footprint to your Email Marketing!

Unfortunately, being an online brand doesn't mean you're carbon neutral.

Energy is required to deliver your marketing campaigns, serve your website and deliver your products to the customer!

In fact, it is estimated that a simple text email generates 4g of CO2!

Before you can optimize to reduce your impact, you first need to benchmark your current footprint! To get a quick sense of what's happening download and run the guide for your business!

There are Three Reasons Why Most Marketing Fails:

The three biggest reasons why most marketing fails is because sustainable brands don't:

  • Invite customers into a story that solves their problem
  • Communicate that story clearly and consistently through the customer journey
  • Cast the customer as the hero in your epic transformational mission

Fixing these issues starts by developing a clear understanding of your customer. The best way to do that is with a well thought-out customer avatar description.

About Sustainable eCommerce

About Sustainable eCommerce

Hi, I'm Giles Smith, founder of Sustainable eCommerce.

As a serial entrepreneur and eCommerce coach, I've built multiple eCommerce brands myself as well as worked with and interviewed dozens of sustainable brand builders.

The one thing all the successful brands have in common? Being able to tell their story in such a way that it both attracts new customers and enrolls them into your mission.

I'm the founder of Sustainable eCommerce, a serial entrepreneur and brand investor. Over the past decade I've built multiple ecommerce brands myself as well as helped dozens of other business owners scale up their online businesses to 7 figures.

As the world continues to transition to online shopping, I believe we are in a unique position to influence consumer purchasing for a healthier planet.

If you run a sustainable brand & want to grow into a Force For Nature, I can help you scale! I also love working with established ecommerce brands that need help transitioning to sustainable materials and practices.

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